Welcome to the New Delhi UX Book Club

If you live in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon and work in the user experience domain, whether you're a usability engineer, interaction designer, information architect or a visual designer, we welcome you to be a part of the New Delhi UX Book Club. Feel free to add your name to the participant list below and once we're a decent size, the coordinators will get in touch to take it further.

What is a UX Book Club?

A UX (User Experience) Book Club is a get-together in which people interested in the area of user experience come to discuss a book relevant to the discipline.

A UX Book Club would operate as follows:

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in a meeting, add your name and email address here in AT DOT format or email the coordinator. The coordinator will get back to you.

  • Sonica.mail AT gmail DOT com
  • Nidhi_shr277 AT yahoo DOT com
  • Abhay Rautela hello AT conetrees DOT com
  • me AT arunpattnaik DOT com
  • Saad Akhtar saadakhtar AT gmail DOT com
  • Rinchan Gupta rinchan AT gmail DOT com
  • Ehsan Quddusi ehsan AT kashit DOT org
  • gupta DOT anoop DOT kumar AT gmail DOT com
  • arun AT simplyarun D0T com
  • Chandan Sharma chandan9sharma AT yahoo D0T com
  • Rupen Sharma (via FaceBook)
  • Lilly Irani lirani AT uci D0T edu (some parts of the year)
  • info_surinder AT yahoo D0T com
  • Lalit Choudhary choudhary.lalit@gmail.com
  • somya bhatnagar libransomya@yahoo.com
  • Nithya Sambasivan nithyas@gmail.com
  • Studio DOT tarun AT gmail.com
  • jyotsna DOT malhotra AT gmail DOT com
  • pradeep DOT bharia AT gmail DOT com
  • aparnarraman AT gmail DOT com
  • Shanuj Sharma shanujsharma AT gmail DOT Com
  • Anuradha Sharma anu.saggi AT gmail DOT Com
  • Mohak Prince mohakprince AT gmail DOT com
  • hemant DOT ameria AT gmail DOT com
  • smile DOT animesh AT gmail DOT com
  • nehayadav007@gmail.com
  • neetika DOT kapoor AT gmail DOT com
  • Rasagy Sharma rasagy AT gmail DOT com
  • Suchit Dubey, dubeysuchit AT gmail DOT com
  • Ananya Vetaal, vetaal26 AT gmail DOT com
  • Rajesh tripathi, rajesh.treepathi AT gmail DOT com
  • Rahul Abhisek rahul DOT abhisek AT gmail DOT com
  • Sumi Tandon tandon.sumi AT gmail DOT com
  • Senthil Kumar Babu, senkumarab AT gmail DOT com
  • Sunandini Basu, sunandinibasu AT gmail DOT com
  • Pratik Agarwal, iitd.pratik AT gmail DOT com
  • shujatalways AT gmail DOT com
  • abhilasha DOT m DOT singh AT gmail DOT com

Coordinator contact details

Abhay Rautela (Coordinator) hello AT conetrees DOT com | @conetrees | www.conetrees.com | www.uxquotes.com| www.theuxbookmark.com

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