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Last meeting - Wed 19th August

Venue: The Goat Time: 7.30pm

This will be our first meeting proper, where we will be discussing the book Designing for the Social Web by Joshua Porter.

If anyone has any ideas about the format of the meeting, then please post suggestions here beforehand. My only advice based on previous experiences is to a.) bring along the book, and b.) make notes as you read it, and ensure you have at least one or two areas you'd like to discuss before you get to the meeting.

Hope to see you there!


Venue suggestions: Tell us where you'd like to meet!

Lee : The Peahen, The Goat, or pretty much any of the dozens of low key pubs in the centre of St Albans…

Alex : Peahen definitely gets my vote.

Paul: I'll go for Peahen too, it's within walking distance.

Colin: Wherever is good for the rest.

Richard: Peahen is good for me too

Caroline: I'll be driving from Leighton Buzzard so it would be handy for me if there was some parking nearby

Date / time suggestions: Tell us when you can meet!

Lee : I'd prefer a Monday or Wednesday night, but can be flexible.

Alex : Wednesday night works best for me.

Paul: Any day other than Friday is usually good for me.

Colin: Mon/Tue/Wed - Although I'm on hols from July 24 to Aug 12th

Anna: I can do any evening.

Richard: Mon - Thurs should be okay for me - time wise 7.30 onwards as I have a long commute

Caroline: Have to avoid Thursdays due to a regular phone meeting at 5pm

Simon: Can't make the meeting this week (lack of transport), or next one (holiday), but will be keeping a close eye on the next one. It also looks as if Wednesdays in general may be a pain. Apologies for awkwardness, I'm in East Herts so car is needed

Book suggestions: Tell us what you want to read!

Lee : Designing Services with Innovative Methods (Miettinen / Koivisto)

Alex : Designing the Obvious (Robert Hoekman Jr)

Colin: Designing the Obvious is a good choice, as is Designing the Moment (also Hoekman) and Josh Porter's Designing for the Social Web (Voices That Matter)

Anna: I like the sound of Colin's suggestion - Designing for the Social Web, and Luke Wroblewski's Web Form Design has been on my reading list for a while http://www.lukew.com/resources/web_form_design.asp.

Richard: Designing for the Social Web is a good choice

Simon: I like the look of Designing Services with Innovative Methods but alas won't be around for the end of Aug meeting, not to worry…

Caroline: happy with any choice. Any chance of me being able to persuade Anna to put my forms book on her reading list? Forms that work: Designing web forms for usability


  • Lee McIvor: lee DOT mcivor AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk / Twitter (@leemcivor)
  • Alex Horstmann: a DOT horstmann AT gmail DOT com
  • Caroline Jarrett: caroline DOT jarrett AT effortmark DOT co DOT uk
  • Paul Hayes: ux AT prhayes DOT com / Twitter (@fofr)
  • Colin Irwin: colin DOT irwin AT silvabokis DOT com / Twitter (@SmoggySuicide)
  • Anna Debenham: anna AT maban DOT co DOT uk / Twitter (@anna_debenham)
  • Richard West: richard DOT west AT nokia DOT com
  • Simon Herd: simon DOT herd AT serco DOT Com
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